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Eco Friendly Packaging Malaysia

As a supplier advocating eco-friendly packaging in Malaysia, the pressing issues of packaging comes to the inability of remaining sustainable. And it may be due to the lack of cultivating conscious ethical standards, and more of the absence in applying green packaging in Malaysia for reusability purposes. Hence, prioritizing environmental efforts first goes beyond more than a few words - which PT Print believes in reducing carbon footprint and that by adopting eco-friendly packaging would we all see its light.

Opting for the right eco material and packaging would result in a huge difference in minimizing waste, as seen in food packaging even, that this helps to reduce pollution that lands up in landfills or within the ocean. One of the greatest attribute found within the sustainable packaging is its biodegradable conduct, in which the eco-friendly packaging uses renewable and recycled sources of material for sustainability.

Hence, as a manufacturer of green packaging in Malaysia, PT print is in the clear view of progression to move towards a sustainable future - by becoming a wet press, pulp mold packaging supplier. Behaviour consumer studies further finds that innovative driven packaging stimulates a sense of concern, as well as a positive impact to protect the welfare of the environment.

PT Print contributes by producing custom packaging in Malaysia that can also be goal-oriented to sustainable conscience - by using reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging. Hence, with our biodegradable packaging like molded pulp wraps, this material can be broken down into compost as the packaging is made up of a mixture of fibrous materials.

Benefits of Using Molded Pulp Packaging

1. Pulp packaging has excellent protection properties with water resistant to protect the product.

2. This eco-friendly packaging is manufactured with 100% raw materials mainly from post-industrial waste.

3. Final outcome of the molded pulp packaging results in 100% recyclability.

4. All molded pulp packaging is customizable to any preferred design and shapes based on the requirement needed.

5. All scraps of this eco friendly packaging from manufacturing process are returned into the pulp slurry to avoid any wastage.

6. This wrapping is designed to be able to stack and reduce cost in storage and shipping, resulting in saving transportation time.

About Molded Pulp Packaging

Molded pulp packaging, synonymously known as Molded Pulp Tray Packaging, is made up of a fibrous mixture of materials. The combination of green reusable trash like recycled paper, cardboard, old corrugated carton (OCC), and even other natural fibers (bagasse, bamboo, or even wheat straw) becomes compiled into the eco-friendly packaging.

However, much like the basis of the material used that's reprocessed into the packaging, the result of this combined concoction will ultimately determines the color, surface properties, and even the resistance of the packaging. Hereof, it's also safe to say that the molded pulp packaging also known as 'eco-friendly packaging', as there are grade variants towards its hardness.

Contrary to the conventional boxes found across packaging companies in Malaysia, the molded pulp packaging is designed with rounded corners and complex three-dimensional shapes. This is hugely in contrast to cardboard boxes where its packaging starts out as a flat sheet.

The good news that comes in this custom packaging in Malaysia is the shift in manufacturing technology that has continuously improved in recent times, which resulted in a smoother surface and an exquisite appearance. Today, pulp packaging is now being used for a variety of applications. Cosmetic packaging of Malaysia region setting may be found to use this to promote greener conscience - which often stirs a fanatic interest amongst the feminine fan, or even commonly seen (as mentioned) in food packaging as well!

And much like the growing importance of sustainability, molded pulp packaging is now serving as a better, alternative option more lucrative when compared to other packaging. Because unlike plastic and even polystyrene (EPS), the fibers in pulp packaging are biodegradable.

Eco-Friendly Packaging In All Areas

There are a wide variety of usage towards the pulp trays of eco-friendly packaging in Malaysia still, and even beyond the mere stating of the food and cosmetic use. The usage of single use plastic is gradually making its shift for a sustainable alternative like the pulp mold.

Furthermore, this eco-friendly packaging in Malaysia has protective barriers to secure electronic products such as computers, smartphones, and other technology-related accessories, the pulp tray packaging has become well represented in retail and premium stores with aesthetics and printing effects on them.